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This area contains links to resources on the website that are only available to members of SASMFOS. In order to access these resources you will need a username and password. Valid username & password combinations are a members' registered surname and SASMFOS membership number respectively. You must sign in to the secure areas by clicking the members sign in button at the bottom of this page before you can access any resources on this site.

If you are experiencing difficulties signing in or accessing journals online please read the frequently asked questions page before contacting SASMFOS or the webmaster. If you do not know or have not been given your SASMFOS membership number please contact SASMFOS . If you have problems signing in with a valid SASMFOS username and password contact the webmaster.

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the secure areas are indeed secure but users must recognise and be aware that no area can be guaranteed 100% secure. For this reason users must make sure, in their comments displayed on the site, that any sensitive data (especially data relating to patients) should not infringe accepted codes of practice governing anonymity and confidentiality.
The Association cannot accept responsibility for any data or opinion expressed by individual users unless specifically attributable to agreed Association policy.
Users must at all times act in a professional manner.
The Association reserves the right to withdraw user access from any member whom it deems is abusing the secure areas.